Avarelle Acne Patches Explained


What is an Acne Patch?

Have you ever had a pimple appear and wished it could go away overnight, but nothing would work fast enough? Or do you keep picking at your pimples knowing you need to stop but can't? That’s where acne patches come in! 

It is a transparent sticker made of hydrocolloid dressing that you adhere to your pimple. Hydrocolloid dressing is well known in the medical world to provide a healing environment for a wound. For acne patches, hydrocolloid dressing works by absorbing fluid from your pimple, pulling out the gunk, and helping to protect and heal while active ingredients go to work. Since the acne patches cover your acne, you are less likely to pick & pinch at it. Once it is ready to be pulled off, you will visibly see an improvement. Keep in mind, results will differ depending on your acne and which phase it is in.

Avarelle provides four options of acne patches so you can choose what works best for you throughout your week. So what’s the difference between the four acne patches?


Avarelle Acne Cover Patch + Acne Cover Patch XL


Both Avarelle Acne Cover Patch + Acne Cover Patch XL contain the same ingredients: Tea Tree oil, Cica oil, and Calendula oil to drastically improve the size and duration of pimples. Tea Tree oil is famous for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and healing properties. Cica oil works to soothe, calm, and repair skin while Calendula oil helps to treat and prevent acne.  Its cruelty and drug free formula is also without parabens, SLS, and Silicon.

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch is a variety pack that includes 40 S, M, and XL patches: 12 10mm patches, 16 12mm patches, and 12 14mm patches. If you like a variety of sizes to choose from, these are for you!

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch XL comes with eight 50mm patches. This is best for someone who wants to cover a large area of the face overnight or on any body acne. The XL patches can also be cut and customized for your specific acne spots.


Avarelle Spot Patch AM + Spot Patch PM

Avarelle Spot Patch AM + Spot Patch PM contain the same ingredients: Tea Tree oil, Rosehip Seed oil, and Calendula oil. The AM and PM patches contain a different ingredient from the Acne Cover Patch and Acne Cover Patch XL - Rosehip Seed Oil. It has been proven that Rosehip Seed Oil reduces scars caused by acne, helps regulate sebum production, and reduces acne-related inflammation. These patches are intentionally designed; one for daytime application and one for night time application. Its cruelty and drug free formula is also without parabens, SLS, and Silicon.


Avarelle Spot Patch AM is designed to be more discreet for day time use. These high-grade hydrocolloid dressings are thinner, smaller, and highly translucent. They contain 24 clear patches: 12 5mm patches and 12 8mm patches. The goal here is to hide and protect while the pimple receives treatment.

Avarelle Spot Patch PM is designed to work even harder for overnight application. The PM patches are thicker and more durable to best absorb the most stubborn pimples. They contain 24 clear patches: 12 13mm patches and 12 15mm patches. This is best for heavy duty spot treatment.



These patches are seriously amazing and so effective. Even on the most stubborn deep acne! Definitely recommend- Jenna Alvardo 


These got rid of some of my worse acne woes in days instead of weeks. Some got fixed overnight! I will definitely buy again.” - Nadene C. Tracy


I have extremely sensitive and problematic skin, but this seriously stops acne in its tracks. I have put this on huge, under-the-skin pimples and it makes them go down significantly and reduces redness and pain after just one use.” - Amber Lewis

I rely heavily on the review when I purchase on amazon, I decided to buy this product because has a great review. Let me tell you something I recommend this product 100%, it actually worked. Also, I want to shout out to the company that send me a handwritten thank you note. Like one of the reviews said every company puts that much effort into caring for their customers and delivers a product this amazing is one that deserves commendation. I will buy this product again and again!!Norielis Amador


Continue to read "The Guide To Applying Acne Patches" to learn the step-by-step application for the hydrocolloid stickers. This is provided to ensure you get the best results.



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