Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Blind Pimples At Home And Be Kind To Your Skin

I’ve always done the easiest thing that came to mind when thinking of a way to get rid of blind pimples, squeeze them until the “gunk came out.” Turns out, that’s one of the worst things you can do when treating blind pimples. Your skin becomes irritated and squeezing them can leave marks on it. A blind pimple is an accumulation of oil and dead skin that develops deep within your skin. It’s the one of the sworn enemies to our skin so we must find a way to make them vanish. I wish there was a magic trick! The reality is that we have to deal with them and this is what I am here for. Sit tight and let me help you!


Stages Of A Blind Pimple

It starts off as a simple small bump barely visible to the naked eye. It hasn't developed the “head” and doesn’t irritate or make you uncomfortable. During the next stage, you might start to notice that the little bump turns into a visible pimple either big or small. This makes me very upset especially when we want to go out or just look great! The worst part is that since it’s deep within your skin, it’s really hard to get rid of by force. So what now? You have many expensive options that have the potential to work or we can use the more convenient, less time consuming and more effective way, natural ingredients. The thing about buying them is the amount of product that you won’t be needing. You gotta remember to add the time it takes to prepare your homemade acne treatments.
My suggestion: Use these 3 natural oils that will be beneficial in aiding, removing blind pimples and healing your beautiful skin.

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Top 3 Natural Remedies To Treat And Extract Blind Pimples

Tea Tree Oil

It comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia Tree and its job for your skin is to kill bacteria and fungi, not to mention, redness, swelling and inflammation reduction, leaving your skin feeling smooth and protected. The amazing part about Tea Tree Oil is that it helps boost acne healing. Several studies have shown that it helps reduce acne and it is as effective as the most common over-the-counter treatments. To top it off, this oil works better and is less irritating side effects.

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Calendula Oil

Also known as pot marigold, is our second best option for acne treatment due to its similar properties as Tea Tree Oil. It is considered by many as an antiseptic which aids our skin to reduce infection while healing, effectively treating acne. Some studies have shown that it promotes skin hydration and firmness. It is also believed to encourage new tissue growth needed in repairing the skin. Calendula Oil can prevent and reduce how severe breakouts can be.

Cica Oil

Collagen is a protein, one of the main components of our skin as it provides elasticity. Cica Oil, being our third option, protects our skin just like Tea Tree and Calendula Oil do. It is an excellent choice for our prone-to-acne skin type because it combines all of the other oils properties into one oil. It is the ideal companion for those of us who have sensitive skin. Cica Oil is a powerful natural remedy for those who are recovering from acne scarring or scarring due to previously used harsh chemicals.

Those are my recommendations for you. You can get them separately and test how your skin reacts but let me tell you, trying them separately is time consuming and less effective than the triple effect you could get by having them already combined. I know our busy lives prevent us from taking the time to sit and try things out. The truth is that we need things on-the-go without interrupting our daily routines. As I said earlier, sit tight and let me help! I have the best option that cares for your pocket, your time and your skin!

Acne Cover Patches by Avarelle, one of our best selling acne spot treatments in the skin industry and #1 Best Seller on Amazon! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, they do because they are made with all these top three oils and their highly effective properties treating blind pimples. They are ultra thin, certified vegan and cruelty free! Since I know me, I might know you, this little one also helps you prevent pimple picking! This will make your trial less time consuming and more time efficient. A must for every skin tone, making them your best option to get rid of those blind pimples.


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