The Guide To Applying Acne Patches


The Importance Of Correct Application

Applying acne patches the correct way will provide a number of benefits for acne treatment. Each acne patch helps to speed up the recovery, prevents you from picking at it, and even helps to reduce and prevent scarring. Although, if applied incorrectly, you’ll be wasting your good-earned money and have sub-par to zero results. Now, that’s the last thing we would want to happen so here is our guide to applying acne patches the right way to get the bang for your buck and vanish those acne spots.  


5 Easy Steps For Using Acne Patches

  • Cleanse your face and hands before you apply your acne patch. This allows maximum adhesion (maximum effectiveness) when you’re ready to apply the acne patch to your pimple. An acne patch is a treatment, so you want to make sure nothing contaminates the acne patch or your skin. 
  • Pick the right size from your acne patches to best fit your blemish. You’d want to make sure to pick a size that will fully cover the pimple.
  • Apply acne patch on dry skin and make sure your pimple is centered to your acne patch. It’s crucial to make sure you’re applying on dry skin to allow the maximum adhesion mentioned above. This will let the hydrocolloid patch go to work the way it’s supposed to and give you the best results.
  • Proceed your skincare routine in the surrounding areas of the acne patch. The reason you don’t apply the acne patch after your skincare is to avoid slip, where it will prevent the patch from sticking. If for some reason you forgot, you can easily get a Q-tip and gently cleanse and dry the acne spot where you wish to apply the patch.
  • Leave acne patches on for a minimum of 6 hours. You need to give it time for the hydrocolloid sticker to suck out the moisture and gunk of the pimple. 

When do you remove acne patches? 

In general, you can remove after the 6 hours or the next morning if applied overnight. Some visual signs you can look for is to see the white gunk in the sticker, or a visibly reduced size of the blemish bump. If it is an extremely stubborn pimple, clean, dry, and apply a new acne patch after the removal of the first. 


You Have Options!

There are different types of acne patches to choose from depending on your needs and time of day. If you want to know more about acne patches and which Avarelle acne patch to choose from, continue to Avarelle Acne Patches Explained” to see which one fits you best. We only hope to provide the best products for your journey to perfect, healthy skin.

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