What Makes Avarelle Acne Patches Unique?

by Grace Min

Hydrocolloid dressings are well known for their history of healing wounds. As the medical and cosmetic industry found this to be incredibly effective for improving blemishes, hydrocolloid acne patches became famous! So great, hydrocolloid acne patches improve pimples but how does it work and what makes Avarelle different from others?

Attention to Details

From factory to consumer, we’re spilling all of our details!

Patented Hydrocolloid Technology

Here’s how it started! At Avarelle, we wanted to create a specific hydrocolloid technology that was missing in the existing market. We found acne patches that were yellow, thick, and used non-vegan ingredients for their hydrocolloid production. 

Non-yellowing & Discrete Material. Yellowing of an acne patch is a result of many chemical reactions occurring during the process of making the hydrocolloid dressing. It doesn’t make the acne patch necessarily less effective, but we knew it was important for our customers to have acne patches that blended seamlessly with every skin tone. With that in mind, we created the thinnest & most discrete acne patch on the market while also being extremely effective in its absorbing & adhesive power. 

Vegan-friendly and Animal Cruelty-free is a must for us! Traditionally, hydrocolloid dressings are made with a concoction of gelling agents such as pectin, cellulose, or gelatin. It is important to take note that the main sources of gelatin include pigskin, cattle bones, and cattle hide. Avarelle strongly believes in vegan-friendly and animal cruelty-free ingredients. We want to be as transparent with you as possible so we make sure to list all ingredients within the hydrocolloid dressing (hydrocolloid is not an ingredient on its own) in addition to other clean ingredients included in the formula. When looking for acne patches, always check the ingredients list and look for any vegan certified stamps or claims on the packaging. Avarelle is proud is say that we are Vegan Certified via vegan.org.

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As a company, we are passionate about being all inclusive, not just with our products but with social responsibility as well. We want to lead by example by employing & working with young disabled artists to help them become a part of the workforce. LIFT stands for “Life Is Full of Trials” to represent the many trials that people with disabilities face while trying to find a stable job. We also do this in the hopes of encouraging other companies to do the same.

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We hope you learned more about us and what we stand for. Always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. We always appreciate your feedback.

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