Whitehead vs Cystic vs Blackhead Acne: How to effectively use Acne patches

You've probably heard of hydrocolloid and more importantly, what it can do for your skin, beyond healing wounds. It has become a cult phenomenon in the skincare industry, and it doesn't seem to stop there. It is a great way to help speed up the acne lifecycle and suck up the fluids / puss (sebum) accumulated in your pores (the pimple). With all things said and done, hydrocolloid isn't a cure for all, acne fighting miracle agent. It has its limitations, like anything else. Let's examine what Avarelle Acne Patches can do for you.

What makes acne patches so effective on certain acne types?




Whiteheads (Absolutely!)

This is where Avarelle acne patches shine. Since whiteheads are a mixture of oils(sebum), dead skin and white blood cells, the only barrier that is keeping it from being extracted is the thin layer of skin. Hydrocolloid will be able to extract those elements.



Cysts (Possibly)

Depending on how developed the cyst is, it might or might not work. So, cystic acne is usually deeper down than whiteheads. What makes it typically harder to absorb cystic acne?  The answer is in the puss.  It is surrounded by a membrane. Especially, when it is deeper. Some acne patches have microneedles that can penetrate that membrane and allow the hydrocolloid to do its job. But, that assumes that the cystic acne is not too deep.

If you have severe cystic acne, we advise that you consult your doctor or dermatologist for professional help. To make it easier to visualize, imagine you have two buckets. One is full of water and the other is empty. You have a tube to link the flow of water into the other bucket. Normally, it will not flow into the other bucket without pressure. So, you'll have something to pull the water from the bucket into the tube, and into the other bucket. The pressure from the bucket of water into the tube, will then allow the water to flow into the other which has no or less pressure. Similar to that example, the pus has to be able to be sucked into the hydrocolloid.

Although most cystic acne that is deeper in the skin will need something extra to extract, cystic acne that comes out nearer to the epidermal surface or head can be remedied. Well, we can't guarantee it, but there are several reviews that say otherwise. Amazon Avarelle Acne Cover Patch reviews.




Blackheads  (Probably not) 

Blackheads develop when hair follicles in the skin clog, which turn black when the skin opens up and the air oxidizes the dead skin cells and oils. Since, hydrocolloid is gentler than the nose strips you probably remember from years back. To expect realistic results, don't expect to get tiny black dots on your acne patch.


About Our Patches

Avarelle acne patches are made for every skin type, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily, combination, and normal skin types. For the best results, it should be applied to a clean, dry surface. The active ingredients other than hydrocolloid include anti-inflammatory properties, such as, CICA Oil, and Rosehip Seed Oil. Other ingredients include, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Flower Extract, Propanediol, Glycerin, and Dipropylene Glycol. These ingredients provide anti-aging to soothe the problem areas.

Depending on the stage of your whitehead, the effectiveness varies from a day and longer. We recommend that the patches stay on for a minimum of 8 hours for noticeable results. Please note that you might not see immediate changes with the first or even third use.

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