The LIFT Hire Program

The LIFT Hire program is a promise made by Avarelle to hire individuals with disabilities in order to help them become a part of the workforce. LIFT stands for “Life Is Full of Trials” to represent the many trials that people with disabilities face while trying to find a stable job in a workplace that caters to everyone's needs.

Did you know that only 12.9% out of the 19.3% of people with disabilities were actually employed in the labor force? (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014.)

These “trials” don't just stand for the trials of the employees but for the trials we as employers will go through to create a balanced environment that helps us succeed not only as a company but as a team of people. Together, with individuals with a different lens of the world, we can work collectively to construct new products and deliver the best service we can.

We are always looking to hire more individuals who can bring to us new perspectives and ideas. Our office is located in Northvale, NJ. If you are seeking disability employment of any kind and are from the area, let us know more about yourself and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Although we are a cosmetics company, we can offer various job positions that can accommodate different circumstances and needs. We are always willing to adjust. Everyone has something valuable to bring to the table and we'd love to hear from you!




Meet Eunsong, the creative artist behind all the handwritten Thank You letters you may have received in the mail after purchasing one of our products. Eunsong works part-time with us to utilize her artistic abilities and create custom designs for cards, letters, journals, calendars and more. At a young age, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her passion in art!

With any type of disability, it is often difficult to find employment and employers who are willing to take on the challenge of hiring those with special needs. Having Eunsong on our team has made each and every day more fulfilling as we grow together in collaboration. With growing patience, care, and willingness to learn and accept each other's differences, we are making significant strides in growing together as a company. Check out her works below!

As a company, we aim to lead by example by employing and working alongside young disabled artists so that we may encourage other companies to do the same. Our goal is to be all inclusive, not just when it comes to our products to treat acne, but to embody this idea as our core principle at Avarelle Cosmetics.

Check out her instagram page, @eunsongdraws

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